Foot Tickling Phone Sex

One of the most common fetishes men call up to discuss is of course feet. Foot jobs, foot worship, smelling feet, smelling shoes, boots, worn stocking, and of course tickle torture. Some have called up with full fledged tickle kits they bring along filled with all kinds of tickling devices, from mascara wands to pieces of wool, toothbrushes, feathers. Everything you can imagine.

They want me to tickle my feet until I laugh and giggle for them and they get so turned on listening to a woman laugh from tickling stimulation. It’s odd, but it’s popular. Some of course like to tickle other body parts as well, like under arms, ribs, stomachs, the back of the knees, neck, all kinds of places a woman might find ticklish. Some even want to tie a girl up and tickle her with a feather duster until she’s nearly wetting herself and begging for them to stop doing it to her. The more she struggles, the more aroused they get and closer to cumming. Since it gets them going so, I can laugh and giggle until they shoot their loads.

Some are also watching “tickle porn” in the background. I can hear the girls laughing and screaming as they are tickled to the point of crying. Some even have foot stockades where the girls feet are locked into them so they can’t escape, they can’t pull their feet away. So the guy on the phone the other night had me tickle the soles of my feet till I was squirming and laughing as he got closer and closer to cumming, I was going wild for him, giving it my all. He told me just to use the tips of my fingernails running them up and down my feet if I didn’t have any feathers or anything, and I do happen to have long nails, so that actually worked well. He came buckets as I giggled uncontrollably. Gotta love the tickle fans!

Bend Over For Your Nurse

One thing that sometimes callers want to talk about I fail to understand the appeal of is enemas. The ABDL callers, the adult baby diaper lovers, well that’s a little different than the ones into erotic enemas. They enjoy that feeling of fullness and many go back to memories of their mother doing this to them when they were younger and first having sexual feelings and ones into anal sex certainly appreciate all the nerve endings the anal area has.

Ones that are into anal sex will often use an enema to get cleaner beforehand and sometimes this has led to the discovery they are finding enemas sexy in the first place. The feeling of fullness can exert pressure in the G spot area in women and increase the intensity of orgasm for them. Some callers that are into the medical fetish area and nurses like to discuss the nurse giving them their enema before the sex part starts. Some will get hard at the very start of the enema ritual. One man called last week that had his warmed bag of enema mixture ready to go and he was hard and called me up for phone sex to increase all the pleasures and intensify them.

Nurses and prostate exams also seem to play a big part in the medical fetish callers fantasies. I’m sure when many get a real prostate exam they can’t help but be aroused, it’s just how they are made, that stimulation in that area will give them an erection. Many use toys that are designed to stimulate the prostate as they speak to me and I talk to them as they masturbate. Sperm output is also a thing some medical fetish guys like to fantasize about the nurses collecting, while doing the prostate exam. They know the exam will get them hard, then the nurse has to finish them off to collect the sample.

Use That Tongue On Me, Baby…



So many callers absolutely adore oral sex, one guy that called up last night told me how he could spend absolute hours going down on his girlfriend. That it was his favourite thing to do of all, and he loved blow jobs just as much. He didn’t even care that much about fucking, oral was were it was at for him. He’d been taught by a cougar when he was a young guy just what to do, and he loved it as much as he was good at it.

He also had kind of a small cock, so it was good that this was a talent of his, since fucking wasn’t the best he had to offer a lady. His tongue was the best he could give and it was in demand by the ladies he’d known. He knew some of them were seeing other guys on the side to get the fucking he wasn’t big enough to provide. He did have sex, but it just wasn’t the best thing he did, oral was where he excelled. I asked him how small he was, and he said he was 4 1/2 inches, not the smallest for sure, but still a bit small for a lot of gals to really be into. He said one good thing about his dick being smaller was they could take it all in their mouth, not really gagging on it.

He liked to have it sucked and licked and I laughed a bit and said isn’t their face kind of in your stomach, since it’s a bit small? He said yes, but it all fit in their mouth and he loved to 69 with the ladies in his life. He said he also kept himself shaved, since it made it look a bit longer in doing that as well as made it feel cleaner and some girls preferred it. I said I did as well, no matter the cock size, yes, please shave.

I’m So Horny!

Sometimes guys call that are just plain horny, not into anything weird, or odd, or distasteful. Of course you do get ones that want naughty, phone sex as well. They just want to get off and talk about normal sex, which is just fine by me. Some of the weird ones can be taxing at best. One of my regular callers called me up this morning and he was dealing with quite the case of morningwood and I asked what I could do to help him and he just wanted a nice, normal description of me sucking on his cock, licking it, teasing it and driving him wild as I built him up to fucking that nice tight pussy of mine.

He got out his lube and was rubbing away on his 7 inch cock and having a grand old time and started telling me how he first got introduced to phone sex years ago by his first girlfriend and how much he loved masturbating with her over the phone since they couldn’t always see each other as much as he’d like, so he’d call her up before bed on most nights and they would cum together and have to be quiet so their parents wouldn’t hear what they were up to. Privacy is always a concern when you’re young!

He’s called me many times and spoken fondly of his phone sex dates with that former girlfriend and how they’d talk about all their fantasies even to a degree they wouldn’t when they were in person, sometimes it’s less pressure to talk about stuff on the phone than face to face. That can be a bit too unnerving, especially if you’re young and not as sure of yourself. So he’d always gravitated towards phone sex, since he could really be himself without worry.

Gay Phone Sex

One thing that always surprises many that I tell what I do for a living and they ask what are popular call topics is how many guys want to suck cock. I would say easily half of all callers want to suck cock. They however do not classify themselves as gay or in most cases bi curious, which is odd considering it kinda is. I’ve had guys call as they were getting fucked by other men as they talked to me, or having their cock sucked. They were getting pounded as they told me how much they loved cock. One waxed poetic for over 2 hours over a cock of a guy he hadn’t seen in over 10 years.

Many ask me why they are not calling another male operator for this taboo phone sex since it’s other guys they are interested in. I can’t answer that, but I think many like the idea of a woman confessor to share their dark and dirty secrets with. Some will reveal their gay fantasies, or even have me watch gay porn with them. Some have never told another living soul of their same sex experiences with other guys and they feel such a great weight off of their shoulders to be able to share this with someone. For another person to know their kink and be ok with it.

Many that love to dress up in lingerie or have feminization fantasies and want you to make them suck cock and use a strap on on them keep these interests from their partners and don’t tell anyone. A phone sex operator is a safe person to share this info with. We are pretty much unshockable and you can unburden your secrets on us and we can be there for you. If sucking off other guys in real life or in fantasy is what gets you going, or even getting fucked by other guys, where you may not be able to tell this stuff to your girlfriend or wife, we can listen to you.

Tit Wank Phone Sex

What guy doesn’t love tits? One of the questions many guys ask when they call up for phone sex is, can you lick your own nipples and suck on them? I hear that a lot. Yes, yes I can actually. They do love hearing that. Not all men desire the huge Playboy like breasts, but most want at least a big enough set that they can give them a good tit fuck, a tit wank the Brits like to call it.

There is actually a special type of lube meant just for tit wanks and breast play. Not quite sure what the actual difference is, but there is such a product that will make you gliding your dick between those tits as good feeling as it possibly can be. And what lady would deny her guy a tit fuck between her pillowy breasts? I’ve read the biggest tits in all of Europe are found in England, so I’m thinking the English guys are getting their fair share of tit wanks. This type of non penetrative sex is a popular foreplay activity and one that often leads to oral sex, since when he cock is pushed up, the lady giving the tit fuck can lick the head of their cock and soon get a pearl necklace.

Many guys calling for phone sex have a real thing about tits, as most guys in general do. It’s surprising how many don’t seek model perfect type tits, but specifically ask if you have “low hangers” and saggy tits, they do have their fans, so it’s good to know some phone sex callers don’t mind the effects that time and gravity have had on you if you’re a bit more mature. The saggy tits do have their fans, not a doubt. One the other night wanted to hear me suck on my own nipples, not that much to ask really, so I was able to that for him and did he ever blow a load, it was wild for him.

How Much Can Your Ass Stretch?


When you think of anal sex, you usually think of the man fucking the woman, and yes, that’s the more common thing that’s happening. One today that called me on the phone sex line wanted me to peg him. Prostate stimulation is certainly becoming more and more common and a way of playing with yourself and adding a little something to your masturbation routine.

This man that called up for phone sex also wanted to talk about me bending over in front him with one of those clear butt plugs in that has a magnifier base to it. If you add a flashlight, you can literally feel like you’re examining someone! Medical play does come into things for some of these clients. They like to have a good look inside almost as if they are a doctor or a nurse. Medical roleplay scenarios do hold an appeal for some of these guys. Strap ons, some like to suck the dildo first as well, yet may be hesitant to actually cross that line to full on experimentation with other guys, yet are curious.

There’s actually a toy out there called The American Challenge, and it’s 15 1/2 inches long! I do not know how one could even begin to take in such a toy, but make it and they will cum, er, come and try their best to insert it. That would certainly stretch you open vaginally, let alone anally. I’ve had many guys over the years though call and say they were using a 10 inch one, and I wish I could erase from my memory one that used a full 14 inch double dildo meant for 2 people and I made the mistake of agreeing to watch him on cam. I’m scarred for life after that! To each their own I guess.

I’m Yours, Master

One of my cheap phone sex callers called me up last night, I hadn’t heard from this man in quite some time, so it was nice he hadn’t forgotten about me. He is very into the BDSM scene and his girlfriend left him, so he hasn’t had a play partner in quite a while, months really, so he calls me on occasion to talk about various BDSM scenarios he likes. He likes his women tied up and gagged, then he likes to whip them with a cat o nine tails.

The tease and denial he did on his girlfriend actually sounds quite yummy to me, I am a bit submissive and he’d tell me how he’d tie her up and keep her on the brink or orgasm for hours until he’d allow her to cum. She’d literally be begging him to cum, her engorged pussy lips aching with need to have that release of orgasm. He liked to make them squirm and squirm they did. He asked me if I’d touch myself for him and allow him to do what he did to her. I said sure, I was game. He liked to guide me in my masturbation until I was panting and begging to cum the same as he did to her. He was very good at it really and I always enjoyed his calls and did cum quite hard, when he’d finally allow me to.

He was of course masturbating at the same time and I could tell he enjoyed the calls as well, and he loved when I beg for it. I don’t know why it quite turned me on like it did, to beg this man to let me cum, but it did drive me wild there no doubt about it. It was sexy, yet it was a bit humiliating and degrading, but not in a bad way, it turned me on so much to be made to say those words. He would have been fantastic in bed I bet.

Dress You Up


A man called last night and said he was wearing a red velvet dress, black stockings with seams up the back and five inch heels and a long red wig. I said sounded like a pretty outfit. He then started to tell me how he’d been dressing up for years. First in his mothers and sisters things when they’d go out and he’d be home alone. He’d put on his mom’s underwear and bra and dresses and walk around in his sisters heels and masturbate while wearing them and they had no idea he was doing this.

He told me how he’d leave cum in his mom’s panties and fold them back up and put them away in her drawer and she’d be none the wiser and he loved feeling so naughty, knowing his mom was wearing her cum soaked panties he’d made that way. My first thought was how the hell could she not see it in the panties, or if it was dried, how could you not feel it, all dried up and crusty, oh god how icky! Guys are such freaks at times. He’d spent hours on his makeup and hair. He’d curled the wig and wanted it to look as real as possible. I said unless you were going out wearing it, why, who would see it sitting there in your living room? He said he just wanted it to look real and pretend others could see it.

He managed to always escape being seen by his mom and sister, though he said his sister complained a few times about her shoes seeming to be stretched out more than she could remember them having felt. Of course they were that way because he’d been prancing around in them for hours walking around the house when she and the mom were out and he was left home alone and wearing his sisters makeup and shoes. It gave him great pleasure to be dolled up and he saw no end to it coming.

Let’s Have A Threesome


I’m a loving girl and like to make my man feel satisfied as often as I can, just how I am. One of my favourite regular callers called up last night and told me all about the threeway he had with his girlfriend and another woman. She was a friend of his girlfriend and they’d talked about it for a while but just hadn’t found the right gal to make it a perfect choice, but then his girlfriend thought of this wilder friend of hers they only got to see every once in a while as someone to ask to join them.

Her boyfriend, my client, was thrilled and said he came harder than he ever did before with these two women pleasing him all night long. He had blow jobs from both of them, fucked both of them, and ate both of them out. His favourite part was when his girlfriend was riding his cock and her friend was sitting on his face and he was eating her after he’d shot a load of cum into her cunt and he was licking her creampie out of her pussy and tasting his own cum, which he’s always been into.

Most of the times he calls me up for phone sex he likes to lick up his own cum off his hand after he blows his load. He was so wanting to do this again, and was so horny thinking about it that’s why he was calling me up to masturbate on the phone. He simply couldn’t stop thinking about it. Threesomes are definitely many callers ultimate fantasy and I hear about it often. Not just ones with other women, but another guy as well. So many guys want to suck cock, in a threesome environment they can use the excuse their girlfriend wanted to see them do it. I’ve heard plenty of times when a guy in a MMF threesome went on to play with the guy on his own when the girlfriend didn’t even know about.